Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Berlin Wall--facts --now fallen

Basic Facts (at the time of July 31, 1989)
Total border lenght around West Berlin: 96 mi / 155 km
Border between East and West Berlin: 27 mi / 43.1 km
Border between West Berlin and East Germany: 69 mi / 111.9 km
Border through residential areas in Berlin: 23 mi / 37 km
Concrete segment wall: 3.6m (11.81 ft.) high, 66 mi / 106 km
Wire mesh fencing: 41 mi / 66.5 km
Anti-vehicle trenches: 65 mi / 105.5 km
Contact or signal fence: 79 mi / 127.5 km
Column track: 6-7 m (7.33 yd) wide, 77 mi / 124.3 km
Number of watch towers: 302
Number of bunkers: 20
Persons killed on the Berlin Wall: 192
Persons injured by shooting: ca. 200
The Berlin Wall was a symbol of the Cold War and separation of Germany and Berlin.For more than 30 years tourists also came to Berlin to view the Berlin Wall.Today tourists will be disappointed about the Berlin Wall as a tourist attraction. In Berlin only a few sections of the former Berlin Wall and some watch towers still exist and it's to be expected that even more of these Berlin Wall sections on original places will disappear within the next years.

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