Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Church of our lady,Dresden, Germany

The Church of Our Lady that impressively stands at the moment in Dresden sadly is not the original church that once stood in that same spot. The original Dresdner Frauenkirche was constructed between the years 1726 and 1743 at the time of Saxony Prince elector Frederick August I. These prince electors compose an electing body whose job was to elect who would be the next Holy Roman emperor. Surprisingly, Frederick August I who was a Catholic Christian did not hinder the construction of a new and large Lutheran church in one of the cities in his state.
And so, the baroque-styled Lutheran Church of Our Lady in Dresden was completed in less than 20 years. The most noticeable and distinguishing feature of the Church of Our Lady, Dresden is undoubtedly the church's high dome which reaches more than 300-feet in height and is made of 12,000 tons of sandstone. This intricate work of art and engineering found in the Church of Our Lady, Dresden is known as die Steinerne Glocke which means Stone Bell.
The Church of Our Lady in the City of Dresden had suffered damages during the Seven Years' War in the late 1700's. However, it received further damages during the Second World War which left it in utter ruins. The church however, underwent reconstruction and was finally rebuilt on 2005.