Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rich people habits

1. Money saved is money earned.
2. Use discount coupons
3. Buy 3-5 suits every five years
4. Use ATM once a week and reduce the
    Withdrawl amount everytime.
5. Millionaires pay the lowest i/c tips
6. Houses having entertaining rooms
    To destress and offlimits to others
7. Pay all taxes and self manage.
8. Dont waste anything
9. Help my contributors in kind or cash
10. Help the genuine needy
11. Children should part finance their   
12. Ask donation seekers to tell how
      Much money they raise. 
13. Look around for investment ideas
      In everyday life
14. Grab opportunity in stock market
15. Cant win by gifting
16. Rich people use initials in names
17. Hold on to relationships
18. You have money makes you smart
19. If you want success you have to 
      Accept risks.
20. If you willing to go up the chain 
      For a complaint you are going to get     
      Your product rectified without 

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