Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Autos in Delhi

Total Revenue-----1958 cr rupees
Owner Income-----814 cr
Driver Income-----615 cr
CNG--------------271 cr
Maintainance------130 cr
Driver Expenses---130 cr
Overcharging-------326 cr
Financer money----1100 cr
Financer Income----487 cr

Total no of estimated owners----20,255
Avg income of driver per month---Rs 5693
Single owned autos------5000
Single financed----------9777
2-5 autos---------------3285
5-10 autos--------------1015
More than  50 autos owned by single person---43
30-50  autos owned----------------------------205
20-30 autos owned-----------------------------218
10-20 autos owned-----------------------------712

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